Arizona CCW


Living Wild West, LLC offers one of the valley’s most comprehensive Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) courses. Each CCW class includes fingerprinting at no extra charge, in addition to the entire AZ DPS packet you need to apply for your Arizona CCW permit. We’ll guide you through federal laws, as well as Arizona-specific laws. This class lasts four to five hours and costs just $50.

This class is for adult men and women. Simply add the class to your cart and pay right online! Snacks and water provided at no additional charge. Class will include:

* Safe storage and handling of a firearm in the home
* Arizona law relating to the use of non-lethal and lethal force
* Selecting and carrying your defensive pistol
* Brandishing and defensive display of your firearm
* How to create and practice a defensive mindset
…..and more!

How do I get my Arizona CCW permit?

The state of Arizona requires you to take an in-person training course in order to apply for a concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit. All you have to do is go here, pay the $50 course fee, and attend the class. No live-fire training required in Arizona.

How much does the Arizona CCW permit cost?

The Arizona CCW permit is $60. This IS NOT included in the $50 course fee (yes, people ask about this). There is no way to bypass this fee. It is the same fee for civilians, active duty and retired military members, Smurfs, zombies, and out-of-state applicants.

How long does it take for the Arizona CCW permit to process?


Do I need to get fingerprinted for my Arizona CCW permit?

Yes. All Arizona CCW applicants need to be fingerprinted. Even if you have an Arizona or Federal fingerprint clearance card, are a top-ranked CIA agent, are related to a Kardashian, or are the President of the United States, you’re going to have to get fingerprinted. Don’t worry though. Fingerprinting sessions are held at no extra charge before every single Arizona CCW course.

Will I need to shoot to qualify for my Arizona CCW?

NO! The state of Arizona has no live-fire requirement. All you have to do is attend a class in person.

Does Arizona have reciprocity with other states?

Yes! You can carry concealed with your Arizona CCW permit in dozens of other states. However, you are subject to the strict rules of the locale you are visiting. Please be respectful! Click here for the current Arizona reciprocity list.

Am I eligible for an Arizona CCW permit?

In general, you must follow the criteria below to qualify for an Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons permit:

  • Be a resident of Arizona OR a United States citizen.
  • Be 21 years of age or older
    • Or be at least 19 years of age and provide evidence of current military service, proof of honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions from the United States Armed Forces, United States Armed Forces Reserve or a State National Guard.
  • Must not be under indictment for a felony offense.
  • Must not be convicted of a felony offense, unless the conviction has been expunged, set aside, vacated or pardoned, or the individuals right to possess firearms has been restored AND the individual must not be a prohibited possessor under state or federal law.
  • Must not suffer from mental illness and been adjudicated mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution.
  • Must not be unlawfully present in the United States.
  • Must complete a firearms safety training program pursuant to ARS §13-3112.N. (This course fulfills this requirement.)

Visit the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s AZ DPS CCW for more detailed eligibility information.